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Here you will find several packages and links that will help you discover various methods of creating residual income through affiliate marketing, home and internet business programs.

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The Learning Curve
Do you still want to know more about building a residual business and residual business opportunities?

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Ok, so here's where we stand. You've made a decision to take control of your life and your destination. You will become your own boss. But, what do you need to learn about yourself, before you can be your own boss?

  • Do you have time to be a boss?
  • Are you willing to learn new things?
  • Can you accept failure?
  • Will you not give up?

Believe it or not, this is all you need! Let me explain.

You're 35 years old. Maybe you went to college and have a degree. Maybe you never went to college and barely passed high school. What if you didn't even finish high school, but you obtained your GED . At this point in the game, it doesn't matter. Regardless of what your friends and family may tell you, you're now in control, you're the BOSS and nothing will hold you back.

Look at the bullet points above. The first thing you must have is time. You may be married, have kids and currently work 45 hours a week at a job you love to hate. However, you must still find time. Nothing you set out to do will be easy and nothing will be gained without time invested. Most of the free time you might be able to find will be spent on learning new things, which is bullet point #2. Remember above I told you that your level of education at this point in your life is irrelevant. That's true to a certain degree. Although a formal education may make it easier to learn new things, it doesn't dictate whether or not you're capable of learning new things. Trust me, now that you've made a decision to become your own BOSS, you will have a lot of new things to learn.

For example, you want to create an online business. You could spend $2,000 to have a website created for you. Then drop another $200 each month for updates and optimization, or you could learn to do it yourself. Many people, including myself, have never taken a business or computer class, yet are still able to design fully functional and profitable websites. As you create, build and redefine your business, you will have to find time to improve your knowledge so that you can master the task at hand. You won't need a university or college professor to do this, but you will need both time and determination.

Let's go on to item three above . . . FAILURE. It's a horrible word, but it will happen to you. It's been said that a person who has not found success has not yet failed. Simply put, you have to fail before you can succeed. Don't let failure stop you! Bullet point #4 above reads, "you will not give up". If you are the type of person who "gives up", you will not succeed as a boss. If you are the type of person who folds under pressure, you will not succeed as a boss. If you cannot accept failure and learn from it, you will not succeed as a boss.

Failure should never be looked at as the "end". It should be the beginning of your resolve to learn from your mistakes and to not repeat the same mistakes twice. After you have failed a second or third time, most of the mistakes have already been made and, since you won't repeat them a second time, your fourth attempt should be successful. Maybe, if you're lucky, you will make all the mistakes the first time and you will only fail once. However it plays itself out, don't get discouraged and never give up.

So, you must find time to invest in your business venture. And, you must find time to learn, fail, and learn some more. This is your recipe for success as a BOSS. Now, read this page again, take notes and decide if you have what it takes to succeed. Don't rush it. You don't have to know at this point. But, you will have to give yourself an honest answer before you continue on to the next step of creating your business.

The Final Step!

Thank God it's over!

On the contrary, it's just beginning!

Choosing Your Business . . .

What type of business really interests you? Is it an internet based business, a residual income home business or a traditional "brick and mortar" business? Although an internet based business and a traditional style business are completely different from one another, a home based business can be either. You can choose to work from a home office and do all of your work on the internet or you can choose to work from home and never own a computer. Since this website deals with residual income and affiliate marketing, we will only discuss the internet based business model, which is generally a home based business. While plenty of money and success can be found with a "brick and mortar" type business, our goal is to direct you towards a business that provides for a respectable income with little to no overhead.

Benefits of an Internet Based Business . . .

Of all the different business models, an internet based business offers the most potential for residual income. And, residual income will allow you to enjoy more free time, while making a decent living. Here are some of the benefits of an internet based business.
  • Low start-up costs
  • The ability to work from home
  • Very little or no inventory to worry about
  • No hiring or firing of employees
  • A flexible work schedule
  • A greater return on investment (ROI)

It's important that you understand that not all internet based businesses will provide you with a residual income. For example, if you have an internet site that sells Widgets and you have to stock and ship widgets every time someone places an order, then each dollar you make will require a work effort on your part. This isn't what we're striving for. Ideally, the business you choose will run itself with little to no involvement from you.

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Software for Business

Computer software may be the biggest expense you'll come across in creating and running an internet based residual income business. Here is a list of software titles you may want to have on hand.

  Adobe Photoshop

  Adobe Dreamweaver

  Adobe Flash

  Intuit Quickbooks

  More About Software
Equipment for Business

Creating and running a business for the purpose of receiving a residual income does not require much in the way of equipment. Here is a list of the basic equipment you may want to purchase.



  Digital Camera

  Video Camera

  More About Equipment
A Great Way to Learn!

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