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Here you will find several packages and links that will help you discover various methods of creating residual income through affiliate marketing, home and internet business programs.

More Info Please

Only if you want a better life! The beautiful thing about creating residual income is that it typically does not require much, if any, startup money. More often than not, it only takes time. If you read all of the information I've provided you with and purchase our newest educational package, "Residual Income NOW", you will have what it takes to move forward. If you fail to study or fail to put in the time necessary to make the program work, then residual income may not be for you.

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The Learning Curve

Learn about residual income online and how to make residual income!

ANYONE, regardless of race, gender, height or weight can be a leader. What's kept you from being a leader all these years? Why are you not the boss of your career and your income?

The word BOSS has a number of different definitions, however the underlying meaning is always "to be in charge of". Throughout this website, we will talk a lot about you. This course of instruction isn't about me and it isn't about other people who have found a way to be successful, it's all about you. It's about you being a BOSS! No one, not your mother or your father, siblings or co-workers know you better than you know you. You are your best friend and, at times, your worst enemy. If anyone is going to be the boss of you, why shouldn't it be you?

The word "you" will be used over and over again throughout this website. Hopefully you're catching on to the fact that you are here for YOU and no one else. You will seek to be the master of your business and the master of your destiny for YOU and no one else. You will be your own boss and, as your own boss, will be the best employee you could ever have.

Why Tell Me This?

What's This Boss Stuff About Anyway?

When you become a boss, your life changes. No longer are you a follower and no longer will your job end at 5:00pm or after eight hours of work. Your responsibilities will double and even triple on some days. People will look to you for answers and you, as the BOSS, have to have the answers or be able to find the answers. You will feel more stress as a boss. You will have bills to pay and at times not enough money to pay them. Employees will cause you headaches and customers will invoke anger.

There will be times however when you have too much money and not enough bills to pay. When business is good, you can take vacations as often as you like. You can take twenty-five personal days a year and won't have to worry about punching a clock.

As a boss, you must tread carefully, for it's a thin line you walk. Learn to accept responsiblity for your actions and don't blame others for your failure. As a boss, you will not quit and you will not give up. Remember, you are in charge!

Why Be a Boss?

The simple answer is, you don't have to be a boss. However, if you've read this far, I belive you WANT to be a boss. You want to be in charge and you want to be successful. How many times in your life have you been successful for other people? Maybe they've even taken credit for your success. It's time that you start being successful for YOU. Remember, success is relative. But, as long as you set the parameters of your success, as long as it's your goals that are being met, success will be less relative and more absolute. Being the boss is all about being successful for the most important person in your life . . . YOU!

So I Choose to be a Boss. Now what?

Nope, not that easy. You can't choose to be a boss, you learn to be a boss. And the first step in the learning process, is YOU!
Here's my point (several actually):

  • Are you capable of being the boss of you?
  • If so, what else can you be the boss of?
  • Do you have the skills and knowledge to be the boss of Sprint or Chase Bank?
  • Will you be the boss of your own fitness center?
  • Will you be a boss at a home based business?
  • Will you be the boss of a newly created method of receiving residual income?
  • Will you do absolutely everything it takes to learn how to make residual income?


Equipment for Business
Creating and running a business for the purpose of receiving a residual income does not require much in the way of equipment. Here is a list of the basic equipment you may want to purchase.



  Digital Camera

  Video Camera

  More About Equipment
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A Great Way to Succeed!

Believe it or not, you can learn all you need to know about creating a residual income stream by reading the information provided herein. Take advantage of the links throughout this website. Order the books we recommend. Subscribe to our free newsletter. And try your hand at some of the business leads profiled to the left. Granted, not everything you try will initially succeed. But, as its been said throughout this website, learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them again. Success is a learned process. One doesn't become a Vice-President of a fast food chain without first knowing how to flip burgers. Likewise, you will not create a residual income business without first studying and understanding other residual income businesses.
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